Even as we lumber through labs, stock, rate cards, costumes, actors, props, and Dhanno slogs away at drafts, drawings, models, falling off to sleep on her drawing board, we must still maintain the regiment of tiffin boxes. Since Dhanno still has to gain some weight, the little time we get together is often spent in discussing food. But her college routine is not always conducive to eating.

Her teachers and class mates often wonder why she cannot survive on coffee like everyone else. Her nutritionist said that at a recent training program, her fellow nutritionists too did not stop for meals. It seems to be a sign of dedication to your work, to go hungry.

After a few tiffin boxes came home undemolished, Teja texted Dhanno:

“Eat. If teachers say no, still eat. At least pretend. Laugh at them and eat. Tell them you don’t believe in art to the level where you can go hungry and work. Tell them you love food, and given a choice, you will select food over art. Tell them you love to burp after over-eating and you don’t feel ashamed of it. Tell them your hips don’t lie.”