here we are

Back to yellow and green walls.

And an intent crow, who has been checking me out through each window, by turn.

And Dhanno, who needs to know that the children in the village have not displaced her.

And fish, and FaceBook, and air-conditioning, and network signals, and face-cream in plenty, and a new lipstick from Dhanno, and bookshelves, and the TV, and Teja’s sofa.

And yellow and green walls.



    • Thank you, Ankur. It does feel like a big welcome, because we were cut off from even a phone signal there, most of the time.

  1. Hi guys! Welcome back. Hope you had a great shoot and now must be looking forward to putting it together. We are off on Tuesday to Uttaranchal. Let’s catch up once we’re back at the end of the month.

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