city le lo, bhai, city ..

So while I write several words about hawkers, Teja does this.By the Lake
The hawker selling the city by the lake.

City-wala, would we call him?

Or builder?

Acrylic on canvas, 24″x36″, Painted by Vivek Shah


  1. My single brain cell seems to have given up the ghost, Banno, but I saw the painting and went, ‘Wow! It looks beautiful!’ and saw that you had written Teja drew this. Then, I skim down and see ‘Vikas Shah’ and the details of the painting, and I’m thinking, ‘Huh? I thought this was Teja’s work?’šŸ˜¦ I tell you, this is an early onset of senility or something!

    But lovely, lovely, painting, Banno. Gosh, woman, between you and Teja, how homesick you are making me!

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