01Yesterday, Dhanno and I watched ‘Yaadein’ (2001). Amongst other things which we shall talk about in another post, was the most laughable editing I have seen in a film. As I do each time I watch a Subhash Ghai film, I began thinking of how ‘Pardes’ is my favorite SG film, and how much of it works because of Hemanti’s (Sarkar) editing.

Yesterday, I had a bad moment or rather a few bad moments when I suddenly thought, what if Hemanti says she is too busy to do my next film. Whenever the next film happens. I was miserable really. As miserable as when I think about making a film without Vivek. But I have Vivek tied up in matrimony, which should hold for a while yet. Even if it’s not a 500-thousand-crore company merger, like in ‘Yaadein”.

The other day at an all-FTII party, a coincidence, not a cult gathering or anything like that, a young girl asked her editor mother while we were talking about my film, “What do you mean it’s edited well? How can you make that out?”

Often enough, you can’t make out when a film is edited well, but boy, does it jump into your face, when it is edited badly.

So this is to our FTII First Year Group D, Hemanti (Sarkar – Editing), Abhijit (Acharya – Sound), Prakash (Kutty – Cinematography), Vivek (Shah – Cinematography) and me. (Direction). These photographs are from my first year continuity exercise.

All of us in the first year, irrespective of which stream we were in, made a 5 minute continuity film on 35 mm. We changed roles for each other’s films, so we got experience doing all the different jobs. I think it’s one of the best exercises we do at the Institute. Certainly the best in measures of fun and learning, and sharing.

For my exercise, Hemanti did the sound, Abhijit the cinematography, Prakash was assisting him and Vivek did the Art Direction. The beautiful lady is the beautiful lady of Poona, Zarine, who acted amongst 25 other people in my film. The film was about an art show, and the people who land up there.

Maybe one day, Group D will come together again, for yet another film.

The photos are shot by our batch mate and friend, Tanmay (Agarwal – Cinematography). He recently scanned all his negatives, and gave me these.

I am blessed.