One Liner – Boy sees girl. Likes her. She likes him.

And …?

What? They like each other. Bas.

Synopsis – Boy sees girl. Likes her. She likes him.

And …?

Her sister is marrying a jerk.


What? They like each other. Bas.

Who? The sister and the jerk?

No. The boy and the girl.


Nothing. Her sister is marrying a jerk. He keeps being a jerk until she realises he is irredeemable. She dumps him.

And? What happens to the boy and the girl?

Nothing. They like each other. Bas.

Matlab? It is sister’s story?

No. No. Story of boy and girl. They like each other.

Treatment – Hey, we have tons of money. Let’s use animation. Wow. Yes. And clouds. OK. Castle. Done. Horses. Oh yes. Footmen. Theatres. Glider planes. Hang gliding. More animation. A frog called Ashok. Animated drawings. Ooh yes. Designer clothes. Castle. We already have that.  OK. Some more animation then. It’s going to be so different. And yes, yes, we also have a hot pink bikini. Wow.

The Story – Boy sees girl. He likes her. She likes him.

And …?

There is a fat sister. We get to say ‘big is beautiful’. And a father with a hidden past.

But we can guess his past, no? Right in the beginning?

So? There are also 2 bankrupt families making a business deal, where each one thinks they are conning the other. A sophisticated matriarch who likes parathas. And yeah, she wears dentures. A samdhi Sindhi who wears even his boxers in gold. A cold mother. A jerk bridegroom with 8 &1/2 abs. Ha, ha, ha. Yeah. Oh and yeah. A little boy with a bow and arrows, always trying to kill the matriarch. And yeah, yeah, a gay uncle. And Karan Johar also as Karan Johar. Yeah, yeah, and the girl is very clever. She likes to know about everything. We are feminist, no? And the boy. He is also very cute.

But? The story?

That’s the story. Bas.

Matlab? Those are the characters, no?

No, no, that’s the story.

But …

What yaar, we have Shahid Kapoor and Alia Bhatt. What more you want? Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap. Pankaj Kapur and Sanah Kapur. They are real life father sister of Shahid Kapoor. Imagine. Even though they have u, not double o. Everyone’s on. Even Naseeruddin Shah. I mean, he is going to tell the story. That’s the story.


Yeah. That’s the story.

OK. What to do?