PRDP-PosterWhy did the old Maharaja build a palace of glass?

Because he believes in love. He has 2 families, his weakness, snigger, snigger, but so what? He wishes all of them to live together in love. Specially the children of his loins. Children from 2 mothers, but 1 father. The royal wife conveniently has sons, the mistress has daughters. The palace of glass is a beautiful middle ground where all the people who could throw stones at it are gathered together for fun and frolic. There are other ways to break a glass palace than throwing stones at it.

Why did the old Maharaja build a palace of glass?

For his children to play in. Children love nothing more than banging around a maze of mirrors, getting hurt, cutting themselves on glass and flying off low parapets. The baby even has a glass pram, which the older kids wheel around in their idealized moments of happiness.

Why did the old Maharaja build a palace of glass?

So that it can be brought down by stomping and stamping, a puff and a blow. All that shattering makes for a dramatic end. Chandeliers fall, domes caves in. The real villain is swallowed by a mound of glass.

Who builds a palace of glass on the edge of a waterfall? Who builds a house on the edge of a waterfall?

Computer graphics people who have nothing to do with architecture. Or an old Maharaja who really wants everyone to fly over the edge and get himself a new family, maybe? A family with Prem in it?

Because clearly, everyone else in his family wants to renege on the family, and turn themselves over to Prem. One sister is wooed by football, the lure of which she cannot resist. The older sister gets not only the palace but shares in the houses in Switzerland, London and Karjat, factories and lands, and she tears up the papers and opts to put a tilak on her brother’s forehead instead. The fiancé can see love in Prem’s eyes, love that went missing under the young Maharaja’s proud moustache. The weepy, whiny brother transfers his petulant demands to Prem, oh, brother from another mother and father, having the same father did not work for any of us.

The young Maharaja can do nothing but put a brave smiley face on. And take his own moustache off.

Spending their childhood together in a palace of glass gave them nothing but banged noses and an aversion to each other. Maybe the young Maharaja will build a new palace of glass.