ruskin bond – as long as you have a window

When the mercury in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land dips to 23 degree Celcius, and there is a chill wind blowing down, coming right from the mountains far, far away, it’s a good time to go back to Ruskin Bond. It’s a good time to go back to Ruskin Bond’s writing when it is hot, when it is raining, days when the news is that much more strident than … Continue reading ruskin bond – as long as you have a window

premchand – karma and the real world

Premchand (1880-1936) is not an author most of us pick up eagerly to read. This is a fall-out from having to study him in school, as part of Hindi literature. Dhanno said the other day, while watching part of ‘Bhagwan Dada’, “Why are they talking like characters from a Premchand story?” and she did not mean it as a compliment. I began re-reading Premchand again, … Continue reading premchand – karma and the real world

romi & gang

I am not a boy, never have been, and I have not been thirteen since quite a while. I have never played cricket, or maybe sometimes with a rubber ball, once, twice, a few times. I don’t even watch cricket, unless Teja compels me to. But Tushar Raheja’s book ‘Romi & Gang‘ is more than a book about cricket-crazy boys. From the first paragraph, the … Continue reading romi & gang

Man 1, Man 2, Man 3 and 4 women

Less than 50 metres outside the gate of our housing complex, manned by several watchmen, a young man stood by the side of the road, masturbating as he watched Dhanno and me walk by. For some reason, I did not notice him. But Dhanno did. She whispered, “Mom, that guy is playing with his ..” I stopped in my tracks. “We should report him.” We … Continue reading Man 1, Man 2, Man 3 and 4 women

premashram (1922) and a suitable boy (1993)

For a novel based on Gandhian philosophy, Munshi Premchand‘s ‘Premashram’ (1922) has several violent deaths. Rai Saheb (Gyanshanker’s father-in-law) escapes death by poisoning by his yogic skills, Gyanshanker’s two young cousins slice off their heads with a sword under the myth of Tantrik skills, Vidya (Gyanshanker’s wife) kills herself with poison, her sister Gayatri jumps off a cliff when faced with her father as a … Continue reading premashram (1922) and a suitable boy (1993)

the eighth guest (2011)

The best detective stories are those that also detail lifestyles. Satyajit Ray’s Feluda stories are interesting not only because of the mysteries themselves but because of Feluda himself, his nephew Tapash and friend Jatayu, their travels together through India and the people they meet, the details of life in Kolkata and also in the country they wander, games of chess, Feluda’s interest in science, Jatayu’s … Continue reading the eighth guest (2011)