message from an absent husband and other such things

During the rehearsal, the videographer locks his camera into my face and goes off for a chat. I squirm in my seat, trying hard not to make faces at my big face on the big screen in front of me. Later he asks me if I will instruct my family members to stand up and cheer for me when I get the award, so that … Continue reading message from an absent husband and other such things

pvr book-a-show

The Children’s Film Society, India has tied up with PVR Cinemas to release three of its latest films, on book-a-show basis. These are Gattu (directed by Rajan Khosa), Gopi Gawaiya Baja Bajaiya (directed by Shilpa Ranade) and Kaphal-Wild Berries (directed by Batul Mukhtiar). This facility is available to all schools, NGOs, corporate houses and individual groups. You can book-a-show at an average rate of Rs.100 … Continue reading pvr book-a-show

of flying kites and apples

In the last year, Teja and I, between us have erased entire hard disks 3 times, by mistake. There have been smaller misdemeanors on my part, erasing files, moving them around, which specially with Final Cut Pro, creates havoc. Anyway, the last mishap was at Baroda, just a couple of hours before a large screening of KAPHAL, where after spending the entire day in setting … Continue reading of flying kites and apples

growing up with the movies

I grew up around Liberty, Novelty, Minerva, Maratha Mandir and Metro. Those were the nicer theaters, we went to every once in a while. The ones with lovely balconies, red carpets, grand staircases, the beautifully gaudy murals on the walls, the ones about which my father told us stories about premieres, and waiting outside to watch the stars, and him seeing Nargis come for the … Continue reading growing up with the movies