bollywood lane

The road is named after a school. But everyone calls it Bollywood Lane. Through the lane, banners advertise cosmetic surgeons, power yoga classes, dieticians, dance classes, gyms, acting classes. I walk in from strong morning sunshine into blue halogen light. The light creates frameworks where there are none. I feel as if I am walking through walls. It’s a strange light. People seem to be … Continue reading bollywood lane

you need a strong stomach for gold biscuits

I don’t mind living in a hotel room if it is big enough, has enough storage space, and I can lay out all my things as if I were at home, even if it is for 2 days and 1 night. But living for 2 months in a hotel room can try anyone’s patience, specially if you are sharing it with Teja, who thinks that … Continue reading you need a strong stomach for gold biscuits

of love and muddy shoes and hard work

For the last couple of weeks, it’s been all excel sheets, phone calls and meetings. No, there hasn’t been a leopard in sight. On a commercial film, you would have a casting director, production manager, travel agent, accountant, and several, several assistants and personal managers. But ‘Kaphal‘ is a tiny, tiny film in comparison, and most jobs need to be done by Teja and me, … Continue reading of love and muddy shoes and hard work

another kind of sighting

The daily hour and a half journey to Rudraprayag from Ghimtoli was accomplished in the dark. I was not car sick this time by virtue of sitting extremely still in my seat, and looking into the far distance, as Teja advised. Makar in the front seat had his eyes glued to the road, and looked unhappy most of the time. Sikander’s mischievous prattle and childish … Continue reading another kind of sighting

towel ideas dot com

Mukhtar was cleaning the room when I entered it this afternoon. “Good afternoon, Madam”, he said, with his gentle smile. I said, “Did you make the swan on my bed the other day?” He nodded. I repeated the question in Hindi to make sure he had understood it. “Yes madam”, he said. “We learnt to do it in college.” I said, “OK. I want to … Continue reading towel ideas dot com