of hamlet, monet and home

Watching ‘Hamlet’ on National Theatre Live at NCPA last evening. The Paris attacks that morning. Watching ‘Hamlet’. Feeling humbled, that we could be watching something written 400 years ago, that so much art exists, so many people strive relentlessly to make the world a better, a more beautiful place. Feeling privileged that there are people like us who can access art, who can afford to … Continue reading of hamlet, monet and home

kambakht bilkul aurat

I’ve been reading Ismat Chugtai’s ‘Kagazi Hai Pairhan’ and ‘Tedhi Lakeer’. Recently. Reading them, almost back to back, was a little confusing. ‘Kagazi ..’ is Ismat’s almost fiction like autobiography and ‘Tedhi Lakeer’ is her novel, almost like her autobiography. I was completely engrossed in both, but came out, a little annoyed by the books, mainly by the main character, Ismat herself in one, and … Continue reading kambakht bilkul aurat