My Only Sunshine – Reha Erdem, Turkey, 2009

Screenplay, Editing, Direction – Reha Erdem, Cinematography – Florent Herry,  Sound Design – Herve Guyader,  Production Design – Omer Atay,  Music – Orhan Gencebay,  Cast – Elit Iscan (Hayat) Hayat, 14, lives in a miserable shack on the shores of the Bosphorus in Istanbul with her father, a fisherman, a dealer in illegal liquor and prostitutes, and her grandfather, asthmatic, unable to breathe without the support … Continue reading My Only Sunshine – Reha Erdem, Turkey, 2009

Gaman (Muzaffar Ali, 1978) – waiting for that embrace

Someone close to us passed away last week. Barely three months after his mother. Who was closer to us. To Dhanno and me. Death and funeral rites and sorrow notwithstanding, a feud rages on within the family for the small sliver of an apartment that has been home to 10 people in the last 20 years. 200 square feet. I look at the walls, blistered … Continue reading Gaman (Muzaffar Ali, 1978) – waiting for that embrace

in the father’s name

Reading this article – Priyanka Gupta’s fight for a change in passport rules that makes listing the father’s name mandatory, brought up once again, so many jumbled up strands in my life. I’ve often felt like a coward, because I didn’t take up this fight myself. I evaded it. I was caught up in making a new life for my daughter and me. I … Continue reading in the father’s name

of hamlet, monet and home

Watching ‘Hamlet’ on National Theatre Live at NCPA last evening. The Paris attacks that morning. Watching ‘Hamlet’. Feeling humbled, that we could be watching something written 400 years ago, that so much art exists, so many people strive relentlessly to make the world a better, a more beautiful place. Feeling privileged that there are people like us who can access art, who can afford to … Continue reading of hamlet, monet and home

queen (2014) and a little bit of highway (2014)

Thoughts on ‘Queen’: I have always thought that it is easier to combat rape, domestic violence, or dowry deaths, than it is to get over the protectiveness that an average Indian girl grows up with, and its results. Violence is such a gross violation of humanity that even the most conservative can feel outrage and shame at the perpetuation of these acts. But the sweetness … Continue reading queen (2014) and a little bit of highway (2014)