my film ‘kaphal’

Kaphal is my new film for the Childrens Film Society, India.

‘Kaphal’ means ‘wild berries’. It is a story based in a hilly village of Garhwal, where 2 young boys, Makar and Kamru find that a father coming back home after 5 years is less a pleasure, and more a pain. Their attempts to get rid of him are spurred on by their mischievous friends, Bupi and Pusu. But when they meet a young shepherdess, Ghungra, who claims to be the granddaughter of the local witch, Pagli Dadi, their adventures take a new turn.

You can read all about the making of ‘Kaphal’ on the Kaphal blog.

You can read some older posts on ‘Kaphal’ on this blog, under the category ‘Kaphal’.

24 thoughts on “my film ‘kaphal’

  1. I am not sure this film will be released with pomp and fanfare a la SOTY. So could we get a pirated version or the address of the grey market?

  2. How could we get a copy? I am going to be in Delhi soon for a few weeks. If there is any chance of seeing it, buying it, please let me know.

    1. Bawa, I am still finishing the film, and I don’t think DVD copies will be available for another 4-5 months at least. I’ll let you know when it’s ready.

  3. Hi Batul,
    Congratulations on your film winning the prestigious National Award!!

    I come from Garhwal and had a chance to watch the trailers of your movie. I would like to thank you for capturing the beauty of the Garhwal and the people there.

    I would really like to watch the movie, but not sure where can I. Let me know if there is a way to get the DVD of the movie.

    1. Hi Nishant, The DVDs are not out yet. They will be in a few months. And whether they are available commercially or not, you will definitely be able to buy them from Children’s Film Society of India. Right now, the film is being shown at festivals. And also at schools and other venues, as and when invited. If you want to organize a show locally, please let me know. I am planning to show the film in the village in June. Will let you know when my plans are finalised.

      1. I caught half of this movie on Tata Sky. Want to watch the full movie, and also show it to my kids. How can I get hold of the movie? Or please let me know if it’s on again somewhere.

        1. It will be on Tata Sky Kids. Please check the program. Also my earlier film ‘Lilkee’ is on Tata Sky Kids.

  4. Hello Ma’am… I had absconded from office, went back home and came across Kaphal being played in MAMI on TataSky.. The moment it started i knew that i was gonna fall in love with this film. Couldn’t find it online so I mailed the CFSI and got to know that the DVD is available for purchase.

    I got my copy. 😀

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