hair today, more tomorrow

This time, it was called Aaina and not Affinity. It was not in a mall, but on a terrace. The walls were hot pink, and the mirrors, art-deco-ish. There were no men around, except for the owner pottering around anxiously, sometimes near the lift on the ground floor, sometimes on the terrace. There was minimum fuss and minimum talking, only the serious business of waxing … Continue reading hair today, more tomorrow

towel ideas dot com

Mukhtar was cleaning the room when I entered it this afternoon. “Good afternoon, Madam”, he said, with his gentle smile. I said, “Did you make the swan on my bed the other day?” He nodded. I repeated the question in Hindi to make sure he had understood it. “Yes madam”, he said. “We learnt to do it in college.” I said, “OK. I want to … Continue reading towel ideas dot com

on bad food, bad marriages and diets

When you come out of a bad marriage, and start spilling the beans, albeit only to those close to you, it always amazes your family and friends, why you took so long to realize that things were going wrong. But the thing is that when you are in a marriage, it is not all bad, not always bad. There are good moments, happy moments, moments … Continue reading on bad food, bad marriages and diets