the heart yearns, for what, it doesn’t know

A young woman showed us her film on getting to know/see Delhi. She said later, I was not interested in the dead monuments, those dead things. She looked at her dilemnas through her neighborhood, her neighbors, the sun, light and wind around her own house. Perhaps when you live in a city, your dilemnas are too entangled in its fabric for you to be able … Continue reading the heart yearns, for what, it doesn’t know

for real

‘For Real’ tells the story of a 6-year-old girl Shruti (Zoya Hassan) who begins to believe that her real mother has gone away, and has been replaced by an alien. The opening sequence at the Delhi railway station establishes the child’s point of view firmly, creating an anticipation of horrors to come. As the film progresses, it is obvious that this is Shruti’s way of … Continue reading for real

wrong place, wrong time

I did a series of short films on Mumbai for an internet channel in California, when internet movie uploading and watching was at an experimental stage, and so like a lot of my other work, the films were largely unseen. (My heart wails) I used to shoot the films on a small 3CCD mini-DV, sometimes by myself, sometimes with Teja, sometimes with any other cinematographer … Continue reading wrong place, wrong time