some nostalgia toh banta hain if you watch ‘yaadein’

Yesterday, Dhanno and I watched ‘Yaadein’ (2001). Amongst other things which we shall talk about in another post, was the most laughable editing I have seen in a film. As I do each time I watch a Subhash Ghai film, I began thinking of how ‘Pardes’ is my favorite SG film, and how much of it works because of Hemanti’s (Sarkar) editing. Yesterday, I had … Continue reading some nostalgia toh banta hain if you watch ‘yaadein’

holi outside ftii

There were quite a few of us missing FTII like crazy. I mean, it’s Holi night, you are dancing, and you ought to be near the Wisdom Tree, not an air-conditioned banquet hall in Bumm-Bumm-Bhole-Land. It didn’t help when Pu called, she was at FTII, and said she was watching me on screen, playing TT with an egg. I wanted to be there right then, … Continue reading holi outside ftii

raman raghav (1992) – and some curry and rice

It’s rarely that a film shot on U-matic Hi Band holds its own after 18 years. Sriram Raghavan had a preview screening of his tele-film ‘Raman Raghav’ when we were students at the FTII. He was a senior only by a very few years, but respected because of his cinematic diploma ‘8-Column Affair‘. ‘Raman Raghav’ at the time re-emphasized his ease with the craft. What … Continue reading raman raghav (1992) – and some curry and rice

the rabbit and the raft

P-Bapu had a few preview screenings of his film ‘Khargosh‘. Teja has shot the film. A lot of times at private screenings, people make polite noises and slink off quietly. While we may hold forth censoriously on big-budget films on our blogs, all of us are too well aware of the difficulties of making films on low budgets, lower than The Star’s bath water budget … Continue reading the rabbit and the raft

The Gangster’s Moll (sheer nostalgia)

Much before I joined the Film Institute as a student, I began to go there as a reluctant actress. I was flattered at first by the offers that came my way, but soon realized that in the conservative town that Pune was then, the Film Institute with it’s reputation of rowdy, ‘junkie’ students was not exactly one where parents were keen to send their young … Continue reading The Gangster’s Moll (sheer nostalgia)